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Group strategy

Fujian JinLong Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd was established in 1994.,At present,our group has 9 holding companies, 3 equality companies,has a total asset of more than 5 hundred Million RMB. According to the market economy development project, the country industrial policy as well as the market demand, The Group has determined the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of Group. in the new century. To develop longitudinal industry healthy and quickly primarily Basic on “electric machine industrial” gather with the development of crosswise industry as the support: the international trade, the investment, the finance, the real estate etc. To constructs the group into a competitiveness international large enterprises JinLong group now faced with three main topics: keep increasing evolution capacity, compete capacity and risk resistance capacity .Regarding these three big topics, JinLong proposed clearly with one goal, insisted that two first, advances three innovations, implements three strategic actions. ONE GOAL To constructs JinLong into a powerful, first-class, management, service country and competitiveness international big enterprises group JinLong must keep leading position in the following topics: the scale and strength of industrial, the enterprise achievements, the electrical machine technology, the economic indicator, the management level of electrical machine production &operation also the internationalization management degree. TWO FIRST: Development to be the First; Talent to be the first Development to be the First; To develop longitudinal industry healthy and quickly primarily Basic on “electric machine industrial” gather with the development of crosswise industry as the support: the international trade, the investment, the finance, the real estate etc. Talent to be the first Insisting “humanist, putting ethics first” as the talented idea, speeds up recruiting talent as business strategy. Also Speeds up construct three troop of the high-level management and operation talented person, the high-level specialized technical talented person, the high-level productive skill talented person. THREE INNOVATIONS System Innovation; Scientific and Technological Innovation; Management Innovations. The advancement of Group's system innovation, Technology innovation and Management innovation is advantageous in raises Group's management level, maintains the technical lead, also Group's compete capacity. System Innovation The advancement of Group's system innovation. The system include three parts: management mechanism, the management mode, the administration mode, it keep unceasing innovation basic on applicable development of its own. Scientific and Technological Innovation, Scientific and technological innovation, along with the product R& D, is the central tasks that the entire group has been permanently and constantly striving for. Under the joint efforts made by the group’s staff, extraordinary achievements have been accomplished. Management Innovations The advancement Group's management innovation, Including strategic management, invest management and financial administration. Continues to consummate the unified management system of take the safety in production as the foundation, take the financial budget as the core. Three strategic actions: Brand Marketing ; Going Out and Bringing in; Enterprise Culture Construction Brand Marketing The competitive theme of the group brand marketing is to establish, maintain, perfect, strengthen and develop the JINLONG brand. Through several years of the operation and development, "JINLONG brand" has been conferred with the titles of the "Famous Brand" and "Well-known Trademark" successively. The products labeled with the “JINLONG brand” were recognized as the "Famous brand of China" and the "Inspection-free product of China". In order to put its brand effect into full play and to reinforce the customers’ trust over the "JINLONG brand", the group puts its root deep into the assurance of product quality, company’s credit and the active expansion of its market share, as well as to search for international business partners for elevating the domestic and international influence of the "JINLONG brand" by integrating and utilizing resources at home and abroad. Going Out and Bringing In Nowadays, the markets of global electromechanical manufacture and import & export logistics are very promising; the international markets of these industries, especially the relevant markets in the developing countries are of great potency, which gives birth to an enormous development space for the group’s industrial development. We must seize this opportunity and stand on our geographic, regional and resource advantages to integrate resources, introduce strategic investors and establish strategic alliance, so as to form the industry synergy advantage; we must accustom ourselves to the interregional battles and go out as a diverse industry investment body. Only by doing these can we significantly enlarge our market share and industrial scale and materialize the group’s sustainable development. Enterprise culture construction Enterprise culture construction is beneficial to unity thought, rouses the spirit cohere public feeling . Summing up the historical experience of JinLong Group development, expanding and propaganda enterprise spirit and improving rich enterprise-cultural construction activities Casting a look into the future, guided by the laws of global economy and the State’s economic policies, the JINLONG Group will efficient development by completely enhancing collective management, fastening capital operation, optimizing resource distribution and improving operation efficiency, so as to form strategic advantages and core competitiveness for the rapid development of ‘JINLONG Group'.